Whale Watching in Santa Barbara on Sunset Kidd
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Sunset Kidd Whale Watching


Whale Watching in Santa Barbara...

It is an old friendship - a sailboat and a whale!


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Whale Watching Sunset Kidd
26,000 Grey Whales migrate past the beautiful Santa Barbara coast in 90 days!

Enjoy the peaceful tranquility of the wind in the sails...while following alongside the Giant California Gray Whales. Sailing and whale watching aboard the Sunset Kidd is the most harmonious way to be accepted into the whale's natural swimming patterns. Unlike a power boat's rumbling engine frightening the whales to take adverse action, from our quiet sailing vessel, we frequently hear the whales break the surface and breathe for air.

Cost - $40 per person


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Whale Watching Season -
Mid February thru Mid May

Whale Watching in Santa Barbara Channel offers an abundance of different types of whales. Since 1987, Sunset Kidd has sailed with pods of Killer Whales, Fins, Humpbacks, Minkes, Pilots, & Blue Whales.

trips offered 5 days a week (closed tuesdays & wednesdays) call or check calender for updated departures

Call for departure times.

Whale Watching Sunset Kidd
Juvenile Grey Whale feeding on krill
alongside the Sunset Kidd

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Santa Barbara Whale Watching on the Sunset Kidd
125 Harbor Way, Santa Barbara, California 93109